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I have been a vet tech since 1998. I made the decision to become a vet tech because of the technicians I saw that took care of the family pet. Heidi was a special part of the family having had no siblings, she was like a “sister” to me. The technicians treated her as she was their own, something I strive to do with my patients. I had wanted to be able to bring that kind of comfort and knowledge to others so they can understand what is going on with their own special family member(s). I enjoy many different things about being a technician because we do so much more than what is expected of us. I am married and have 2 cats. We have Auruora, a 3 ½ year old Maine Coon. She is very much the princess and loves to flaunt her floofy tail. MJ is a 9 ½ year old DSH. He is very much the momma’s boy. When I have down time I love spending time with husband doing projects around the house and help him with his woodworking I also enjoy spending time with our cats, family and friends. I also love to read books, do counted cross stitch, and watch a wide variety of TV shows & movies. I would like to be able to go on more cruises & explore new places. We were talking about what we would want our veterinary super hero power would be, mine would be osmosis and reverse osmosis for sample collection and medications. I could hold up a tube and samples would automatically fill the tube when asked for blood, urine, etc. and fluids and medications could be placed inside a patient all without the use of a needle. I have been working at Town & Country Veterinary Services since September of 2018. I truly love my job! I enjoy working here because they share the same beliefs I do & the staff strive to ensure the best possible course for each patient.

Sue Jex, CVT
Veterinary Technician

I have been a vet tech since 1992. I made the decision to become a vet tech after our family cat became very ill and I was a scared teenager and worried about my best friend. I did not like not knowing or understanding what was happening to him. So I decided to follow a path in veterinary medicine after seeing him through it all and seeing the staff at the animal hospital care for him. I am married with 3 adult children and a house full of pets. We have 2 dogs, Acapella, who is a 6 year old mixed breed dog (blue tick coonhound, Brittany spaniel, and many other breeds) with the absolute best personality. Our newer addition, Finley, who is a 10 month old Jack Russell/Beagle/Chihuahua cross with a feisty streak but a big cuddle bug. We have 1 cat, Bailey who is a 14 year old Domestic Shorthair Tuxedo cat and a princess that runs the house, and lastly 2 guinea pigs, just to keep it interesting. When I am not at working I love being with my own pets and spending time with family and friends. I also love to read, scrapbook, cross stitch, go for walks and watch Netflix, my not so secret pleasure. I enjoy many different things but I really do enjoy my time at work most days as well, even the sad days knowing that I can be there for someone and their pet brings me comfort. We talk about what we would want our veterinary super hero power would be, mine would be telepathy. Then I could not only hear what they need to tell us but could communicate what we are doing and help them to understand. I have worked at Town & Country Veterinary Services since November of 2009. I love the staff here and the doctors are fabulous! I love that we are more like family then coworkers. We all share the same beliefs and the same love for all animals and the drive to do the best for our community as a whole. I truly love my job!

Pam Small, CVT
Head Technician

I graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in June of 1995. I wanted to be a veterinarian from the time I knew what a veterinarian was and did. My mom says she knew I would be a veterinarian when I was just a toddler since I performed “acupuncture” on our family dog and one of my first words was “Woof!” imitating Rusty. I grew up loving animals and science so veterinary medicine was the perfect job for me. I am married to Dr. Jon. We are partners in life and in Town & Country Veterinary Services. We met in vet school, married soon after and began Town & Country Veterinary Services in October 1997. We have adult boy girl twins who are attending college and pursuing their own life goals. We are supposedly “empty nesters”, but our house is full with our pets. We have 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 rats. Diamond is our diva dog. She is 9 year old border jack. Topaz is a special needs corgi who makes us smile with her antics. Jade, our coonhound mix, keeps us safe from coyotes and is a great farm dog. Our cats Jessie and Tawny are seniors and rule the basement. Ivy and Juniper are happy active rats. When I am not at working I love being with my own pets and spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy doing bible study and reading other books. I also like working around the house and our country property. I love it when the kids come home and we can do things as a family. And am looking forward to being able to travel with Jon. If I could have a veterinary super power it would be x-ray vision. I would love to have the ability to see what is happening inside the dogs and cats that come to me for help. Town & Country Veterinary Services is a dream come true. One that started when I was a young girl dreaming of helping animals. I am proud of our staff and their commitment to caring for your pets. Being a vet is more than my job, it is my life.

Julie Woodman, DVM
Veterinarian and Co-Owner

Meow Meow, Bark. Don’t Worry, We Understand.

Town & Country Veterinary Services

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