What’s Involved In A Dental Procedure

Since studies show that over 80% of pets over the age of 3 have dental disease, it islikely that many of our pet owners have been told that their pet needs a “dental procedure”. Ormaybe a “prophy” or a “COHAT” or some other term. There are many terms used to describethe procedure. COHAT which stands […]


We’re Open!!

Effective immediately we will be having our doors open during our normal business hours for all clients. We are no longer requiring curbside service, however, if you would prefer your appointments done by curbside, we are happy to accommodate you. Feel free to drop in to pick up food, prescription refills, and any other supplies […]


Please Come In!

We are pleased to announce we are open again for in person appointments. We are very excited to be able to see you all again. Communication has sometimes been difficult with the curbside process so we anticipate this being very helpful for us as well as you. As we transition to a more normal experience […]


Introducing a New Service!

We are now offering a spa service for your dog or cat. This will involve a short visit with our staff technicians and assistants to do all the “necessaries”. They will trim the nails, clean the ears, and express the anal glands. Normally this would cost $75, but when bundled together like this we give […]


COVID – 19 Update May 2021

Governor Walz gave an update last week on the status of the state of Minnesota requirements concerning COVID – 19. Based on what he had to say, some of our policies will be changing. In his statement, Governor Walz indicated that capacity limits were going to be relaxed, as will social distancing requirements, starting May […]


The Importance of Pets in Mental Health

It’s very likely you know someone who has an emotional support animal in their life. This has become a relatively common thing in our society these days. It underscores the importance of pets in our emotional and mental health. Beyond emotional support animals, ordinary pets in our lives have an incredibly important impact on our […]


What Are You Doing To Care For Your Pet’s Teeth

Dental care for your pet is a very important thing. For quite some time we’ve realized in veterinary medicine that the health of the teeth can greatly affect the overall health of the pet. Dental disease has been linked to such severe problems as heart failure, kidney failure, and liver failure, among others. February is […]


Holiday Schedule

For the 2020 Holiday season we will have the following hours: Thursday, December 24th (Christmas Eve) 9 am to Noon Friday, December 25th (Christmas Day) Closed Thursday, December 31st (New Years Eve) 9 am to Noon Friday, January 1st (New Years Day) Closed Have a wonderful holiday season!


COVID – 19 Policy Updates

COVID – 19 has caused a large number of changes in our lives. Here at Town & Country Veterinary Services we are trying to make the necessary changes we need to in order to protect you along with protecting our staff members. We have been looking at all the information from the CDC, the AVMA, […]


It’s Heartworm Season!

For those of your who have forgotten in the midst of the COVID – 19 pandemic, it’s about to be one of our favorite times of year in the midwest: mosquito season. In fact, with the significant warm up we’ve had through the month of March and nearly all the ice off the lakes, it’s […]