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Offering a New Line of Prescription Pet Foods!

Just today we added a new line of prescription pet foods!  Veterinarian Recommended Solutions now offers a line of foods for both well and sick pets.  These foods are very high quality, organic, grain free, and  balanced for your pet’s individual problems.  They have a very unique method of providing the foods to the customer.  We carry smaller size bags for you to try when you first start your pet on a prescription food, or if you decide to change from another brand.  Once you’ve decided their foods are what you want, you can set up for direct delivery to your home, which can keep you on a regular schedule so you won’t run out.  It also allows for the price to be better for you.  We are excited to be carrying them, and think they will make a big difference for both your pets and our own.

We have been carrying supplements for pets made by Veterinarian Recommended Solutions since early last summer and have found those products to be exceptional in terms of both quality and results.  Feel free to come in and ask us about both the new foods and the VRS supplements.

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