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When Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

by Pam Small, CVT As our pets age or when they become ill, these questions come to all of us – is it time? Are they in pain?  When will I know it’s time?  We want them to stay with…

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Offering a New Line of Prescription Pet Foods!

Just today we added a new line of prescription pet foods!  Veterinarian Recommended Solutions now offers a line of foods for both well and sick pets.  These foods are very high quality, organic, grain free, and  balanced for your pet’s…

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Early Disease Testing: Why I am Thankful That I Commit to it Yearly

By: Molly Streich, VT   I have 2 dogs, Lexie and Kenzie, who live with my parents back in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Lexie is an 11 year old Lab and Kenzie is a 4 year old Lab.  My parents have always…

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November is National Pet Diabetes Month

By Julie Woodman, DVM   November has been designated National Pet Diabetes Month in order to raise awareness of this common disorder in dogs and cats. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a condition in which the body doesn’t make enough insulin…

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Canine Influenza in Minnesota

As of July 28th, the Minnesota Board of Animal Health has reported 7 confirmed cases of canine influenza in the state of Minnesota.  The latest was a case confirmed July 25th in Brainerd.  While none are particularly close to us…

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