COVID – 19 has caused a large number of changes in our lives. Here at Town & Country Veterinary Services we are trying to make the necessary changes we need to in order to protect you along with protecting our staff members.

We have been looking at all the information from the CDC, the AVMA, MVMA, Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine, along with the orders from the Minnesota Governor’s office in order to develop protocols and policies to be able to remain open to provide for your pets’ needs and still keep everyone safe.

One of the primary changes we are beginning to implement this week is to begin curbside only service. We will continue to be open and available for the appointments you need. When you arrive for your appointment, we ask that you call us from your cell phone (or knock on the door if you don’t have one). Our staff will then come and get your pet from the car and bring it in to the clinic for their appointment.

Rest assured your pet will receive all the appropriate care it needs in a loving manner. The doctor or staff will communicate with you about the details of your appointment via phone.

If your pet requires special care or your presence during an appointment we will make any necessary modifications to our process. As much as possible we want to keep you safe during appointments. This curbside service should allow us to keep both you and our staff safe and healthy.

We will be using masks and gloves when in contact with you and your pet as well.

There are certain routine procedures that we have been recommended not to provide. The purpose of this, based on direction from the Governor’s office and the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine, is to preserve PPE in case it is required for human hospitals, along with reducing contact between people to help prevent spread of COVID – 19. In particular, at this time we are not scheduling routine neuters and spays. Nail trims in most cases are also considered non essential procedures.

We are trying to provide as much of our normal treatments and procedures as possible. And yes, we consider most vaccinations as important and essential to your pets’ and your health. We will provide everything possible to your pets’ care during this crisis.

Another way we are helping to reduce contact and help you to stay at home, is to help you get medications delivered directly to your home whenever possible. We have access to every medication your pet may need through our online pharmacy. Just follow the link on our online pharmacy page. See the menu at the top. The Board of Veterinary Medicine has been helpful in letting us extend the time between annual visits required for us to subscribe medications.

Above all else, please contact us and let us know what we can do to help you and your pets in this time. You can reach us by email at and by phone at 651-480-1833. If you have anything urgent, please call, do not email. Remember to check back here frequently for updates and useful information.

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