Fleas & Ticks, Oh My!


Just a real basic reminder today. In case you had forgotten, we’re just about to enter or biggest season for fleas and ticks. Of course around here ticks are our primary worry.

I suspect many of you are already spending more time outdoors with your pet. I see a lot of people walking their dogs right now. Between the warming weather, the nearly disappeared snow, and being forced to be at home more, dog walking is a popular activity.

And even cats are seeing more time outside, too. It’s the kind of weather they are begging to be outside more often.

with all that’s going on it’s very easy to forget that we have to start worrying again about these pests that our pets sometimes pickup. Now through early summer in particular are a very active time for ticks.

Please remember to get your pet protected. As we are with our animals more, we need to be conscious of preventing them from getting into our homes and affecting us as well. A good flea and tick preventative is essential now.

Don’t wait until you start seeing ticks. Once you’ve seen them, you’ve already missed possibly dozens that have already made their way onto your pet and off again. Far better to have a good preventative on board ahead of time.

Please contact us at 651-480-1833 about getting your pet taken care of. We are making sure to start stocking up on those products and if theres something you need that we don’t carry, we can always get it through our online store.

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