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Pharmacy Policy Changes

2020 has brought an astonishing amount of change into our lives. And let’s face it, we humans do not like change. As we learn to adjust to how this virus is altering our lives, we want to share what things we can with you.

As much as possible our state governments are asking us to stay at home. Veterinary clinics are being allowed to stay open in most cases, but we are being asked to hold off on any elective procedures and to keep contact between staff and clients and other people down to a minimum.

In the area of medication refills in particular, we are being asked to make changes that make it easier for people to get their pets’ medications without having unnecessary contact with others.

One way that we are helping do this for you is through our online pharmacy. Whenever possible we will help to make sure that you can get your pets’ medications delivered directly to your door. Want to get that set up? Check out our online pharmacy here:

Town & Country Veterinary Services Online Pharmacy

We can also arrange to get prescription foods sent to you as well. Many of these are available through our online pharmacy as well.

The Minnesota governor and the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine have given us permission to extend times normally required between examinations for medication refills. In general, we have been required to have an examination of a pet at least annually in order to prescribe medications or approve a refill. Under the current requirements we may be able to allow as much as 18 months.

For medications that need to be picked up at our clinic, we are setting things up so that when you call in and order medications, you can prepay and we can have your medications available on a table in our entryway to pick up. This way you do not have to have any contact with anyone when doing that.

If you need to come in and pick up medications through our staff or come in for any questions that need to be done face to face, we ask that you call and set up a specific time so we can keep interactions down to a minimum.

If you have any questions about the availability of your pet’s medications or food or want to setup home delivery and have questions, please give us a call at 651-480-1833

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