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Your Basic Pet First Aid Kit Needs

With all that’s going on right now there’s a lot out there about some basic things you need for your own health care. I think it’s also useful to be aware of what you should have as a simple first aid kit for your pet. There is some chance with lockdowns occurring and other limits on what businesses are open that you might find it necessary to do some basic emergency care on your own pet, so here’s a list to help you out.

  1. Your veterinarian’s phone number, and maybe a backup just in case.
  2. Other important phone numbers such as Pet Poison Control (ASPCA hotline is: 1-800-426-4435) or local emergency or referral clinics.
  3. Any of your pet’s basic healthcare paperwork, such as shot records
  4. Leash, kennel, and a muzzle or something that can be used that way, like a necktie, nylon stocking, a small towel, or rope
  5. Absorbent gauze pads
  6. Adhesive tape
  7. Antiseptic wipes and antiseptic ointment
  8. Blankets or towels
  9. Cotton balls
  10. Gauze rolls
  11. Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting (only if directed by a veterinarian)
  12. Ice pack
  13. Disposable gloves (latex and powder free)
  14. A rectal thermometer and petroleum jelly to lubricate it
  15. Blunt ended scissors
  16. Sterile non stick gauze pads
  17. Sterile saline to flush wounds
  18. Tweezers

While this is not a comprehensive list it gives you a fairly thorough idea of what to have on hand. Please remember to always call your veterinarian before you treat your pet in any way in order to learn how to properly manage the situation you have.

A couple of other useful numbers to have on hand here:

University of Minnesota Small Animal Hospital: 612-626-8387

Animal Emergency and Referral Clinic (Oakdale location): 651-501-3766

And please call us at 651-480-1833 if you have any questions, emergencies or issues.

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